Whatever challenges you’re facing or goals you want to reach, we’ll be your friendly passenger, coaching and inspiring you to hit the accelerator and set off on the road
to success. 
I’m Teresa Peters, a results-driven, DiSC certified Personal Performance and Executive Coach based in the North-East. 

If you’re here, you must be ready to accelerate yourself. 

That’s great news. And we can’t wait to help. 

We offer a bespoke coaching service to meet your needs covering: 

Why are you looking for a coach?

  • You might be feeling stuck or unhappy with your current reality? 

  • Perhaps you’re unsure what to do next in life, a relationship or your career/business?

      (We’ve been there. We get it!) 

  • Maybe you feel like you’re not living your ‘best life’? 

      (Whatever that is?!) 

  • Or you might have a big goal you want to achieve or an exciting new business idea? 

     (But you’d love some help to make it happen!) 

Personal & Business


Now just imagine how it would feel...

  • To know where you’re heading;

  • To have your journey all mapped out;

  • To understand what it will take to get there;

  • To feel the thrill of hitting the accelerator and going for it… and finally reaching your destination! 

(Spoiler alert, it feels amazing!) 

How can a coach help you?


As your life coach or corporate coach, it’s not my job to take control of the wheel...

...it’s yours...


But we’ll be there… 

  • To help you navigate a route;

  • To inspire you to explore untraveled roads;

  • To guide you and give you the confidence to find your way;

  • And ultimately, to motivate you to succeed. 


And when you’re confident to go it alone, just drop us off and we’ll wave you on your way. 

What’s your decision-making style?


Maybe you’re the impulsive, put-your-foot-down-and-go-type? (And later you really wish you’d thought it through!) 

Or perhaps, you sit with your foot hovering over the accelerator, but you just keep stalling and can’t seem to move forward? 

Whatever your style, Accelerator Coaching is all about helping you decide which way to go and speeding up your journey to success - whether in your personal life, your career or your business. 

Adventures. Dreams. Success. 

They’re out there. Waiting for YOU. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Take control of the wheel!

(With Accelerator Coaching, there’ll be no stopping you!) 

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