Why Choose Accelerator Coaching? 


Because we get it. 

Coaching has made a huge difference to our personal life and career. It’s helped us change direction and get to a place where we're loving life. 

And that’s what we want to help you to do. 

We're passionate about helping you find what you truly want and making sure you smash it!


We offer a fast-paced, optimist approach who wants to see you get results - but don’t worry, we’ll take the journey as fast or as slow as you need. 



Because change is tough. (We know. We learned that the hard way.) 

But change is necessary for you to move forward and grow. Decisions. Decisions. Life is full of them. Adding
twists and turns to your journey. 

Some decisions s l o w  y o u  d o w n (or even cause a break-down). 

Others SPEED YOU UP and set you in a new, exciting direction. 

So, together we’ll embrace decisions. 

Make them count. 

We are an easy going and non judgemental. We love to share worksheets and tools after our free 30 minute ignition session. Arrange a time with us and there's no pressure - ignite@acceleratorcoaching.co.uk

Teresa Peters

Founder - Certified DiSC, Personal Performance & Executive Coach

"I love how coaching gets individuals and teams from where you are now, to where you want to be, both personally and professionally. We look at your strengths, values and everything that's brilliant about you. Using these strengths we set goals and set you on your journey from A to B. 

I've had my share of hurdles and I'm naturally empathetic and non-judgemental. We will look in the mirror and reflect on what's holding you back. There may be road works and obstacle and it's my role as your passenger to facilitate you to being the best driver you can possibly be.

I love to make people truly happy and fulfilled both personally and professionally. I love to drive people to success. That's my WHY?"

“Coaching is what got me through to a point where I couldn't be happier with my life and balance. I love the positive psychology that coaching presents. Setting goals and living an authentic life.

I am destined to coach people like YOU and nothing makes my heart sing more than seeing YOU succeed". 

Teresa's 1:1 sessions include 30% questions and 70% third degree listening. She’s challenging, fast paced but also manages her pace to suit YOU. Teresa is fun but extremely driven and understanding. She won’t stop until she knows that you are 100% happy with your progress and results.


Teresa's boundless enthusiasm and energy has seen her grow in the Corporate World, as a Director of an award-winning Publishing Company and as a certified Coach. 

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