DiSC Profiling with Accelerator Coaching

Once we understand ourselves we can begin to make improvements



DiSC opens the doorway to effective communication allowing you to modify your language and behaviour to manage people in any given environment. People respond better to people they like and understand. People are different but they are predictably different.


  Do you know someone who is assertive and wants the bottom line?
  This is ‘D’ style. 

  Do you have friends who are great communicators and friendly?
  This is ‘I’ style. 

  Do you have family members who are good listeners and great
  team players? This is ‘S’ style.

  Have you ever worked with someone who is factual and detail oriented?
  This is ‘C’ style. 


If your style is predominantly ‘D’ you’ll possibly look at the bullet points, headings and short paragraphs! If you are an ‘I’ style you’ll notice the images, pictures and headings. If you are an ‘S’ style you’ll be worried that the D’s and I’s might be offended and if you are ‘C’ in style you may want more detail and an email address to highlight any grammatical errors that you spot.










Teresa has delivered this to businesses, teams, students, couples, sole traders, business partners and those seeking career change. Teresa also works with other partners to deliver programmes to larger teams and corporate to enable meeting the Leader's and all the team’s needs. 

The explanation and delivery of DiSC can be more important than the document itself. Being coached to achieve goals and learn more about yourself is recommended to maximise benefit for you.



What Will Your Individual Report Include?

Your Individual Personality Style Report will include the following sections: 

  • Introduction to your personality report. 

  • General description - understanding your personality style. 

  • 3 DiSC graphs - based on results (perceived self, public self, when under stress).

  • Style Intensity Overview - behavioural tendencies 

  • Historical Figures - who share your style 

  • Description Overview - includes strengths and limitations 

  • Communication Tips - DO’s and DONT’S 

  • Action Plan - to improve interpersonal skills



DiSC profiling can be applied to many areas and here are just a few of them:

Building a successful Team - By understanding the styles of each person in a team, communication can be increased, which leads to improved morale, productivity, sharing information, and efficiency in projects.

Leadership Development - By training leaders in behavioural awareness, effective leadership can be achieved. This includes leaders working to their strengths and to the strengths of those on their team, understanding what motivates others, improving communication. 

Sales Training - Personality and communication are key when building rapport with a client. By being able to understand one’s own natural selling style and predicting that of the client, communication and transfer of information can be adapted to better meet the client’s needs and effectively maximise results.

Hiring & Talent Management - The DiSC system can be a powerful and helpful tool when hiring the right person for your job vacancy. It is used as part of the recruitment process and can suggest how an individual might go about the job, how they could work as part of a team, how they may approach challenges. Helping you select an individual who has the personality to succeed in a position, gaining an insight into the management style they may respond to, understanding the potential best environment for them to work in will help increase the chances of a successful placement and is proven to decrease turnover. Think about how much it costs to employ someone and how much could be saved through such a simple process.


Team Dynamics Report

see example of one here

The Team Dynamics Report is in addition to each individual profile. Your team’s individual DiSC styles (up to 50) are combined and analysed in one report. This report helps understand and diagnose your team’s strengths and limits with DiSC and work towards a more unified team culture. You will be able to view a combined team graph as well as all member’s individual graphs.



The Team Dynamics Report see example of one here (online) helps you to understand and diagnose your team’s strengths and limits with DISC and work towards a more unified team culture.

  • Your team’s individual DiSC styles (up to 50) are combined and analysed in one report.

  • View a combined team graph as well as all members’ individual graphs.

  • Understand how the most prevalent personality styles influence and affect the group.

  • View your team’s graph under stress and understand coping methods.

  • Use the worksheet, tips and strategies to create better team dynamics.

  • Team Report requires a DiSC online account and at least two members who have taken their DiSC assessments.   


Recommended minimum contract:

  • Individual DiSC profile (takes 7 minutes to complete) with each team member- Teresa to deliver and coach the outcome for 90 minutes with each member over the phone, skype or in person.

  • Team Dynamics Report post completion of all individual DiSC reports – deliver this privately to the Leader and discuss results – 2 hours

  • Half day - Present this to the team and use appropriate tools to drive the team forward and set goals.

  • 2-hour follow up


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