It's a mentally tough time of year in many ways, isn't it? So many deadlines to meet, before enjoying our perfect Christmas, both at work and at home. If we all had professional insight to our personality profile (using DiSC - see diagram above) it would help so many of us to understand why we behave in the way we do.

We have deadlines to meet, parties to attend, strategies to implement and we set goals for the new year. We crave authentic happiness, at Christmas, as we reflect on our achievements of 2019. It's crazy - but in some ways I enjoy having this annual benchmark - a deadline to complete goals and set new challenges. How about you?

DiSC opens the doorway to effective communication allowing you to modify your language and behaviour to manage people in any given environment. People respond better to people they like and understand. People are different but they are predictably different.

Do you know someone who is assertive and wants the bottom line?

  This is ‘D’ style. 

  Do you have friends who are great communicators and friendly?

  This is ‘I’ style. 

  Do you have family members who are good listeners and great

  team players? 

This is ‘S’ style.

  Have you ever worked with someone who is factual and detail oriented?

  This is ‘C’ style. 


The following link displays buying styles for those of you who prefer images..


All styles make decisions emotionally, but the I-styles are more emotional to begin with. They enjoy the buying process. D-styles don't want too much information. They want to make the decision quickly and easily. When we talk about S-styles they tend to be steady and they consider how the decisions impact the people around them. C-styles are more considered, but they want to make the correct decision. I-styles are very optimistic.

I'll be honest with you - when it comes to gifts I use my D style to buy things quickly and also my I style to purchase on impulse. I then reflect and worry that I've bought the right gifts. My aim is to make people smile and recognise me as being thoughtful and so my S style come to the fore. I put a lot of thought into gifts because I'm a very people focused person. This typified the S and I higher intensity styles.

In terms of getting tasks completed I have a tendency to get distracted by social activities and I'm very people centric and this can override my need to complete mundane tasks. However, when under pressure I'm like a bulldozer! I'm a high D and nothing can get in my way. Yes me - friendly bubbly Teresa - I become very task led, fast-paced, make quick decisions and 'JUST DO IT'. Look at me now - I couldn't be busier, and yet I decide to post my first ever Linked In article. I'm having a very productive day today, and I've possibly done a week's work (in terms of impact) over the past 12 hours!

My DiSC Style explained - I'm an IDS Communicator - find out more

I admire those who have schedules and meticulously plan their Linked in posts (C style). I wish I had more of an eye for detail like them. I would love to be more focused and not so spontaneous or impulsive. I admire people with these styles. I NEED people like this in my life and at work! Working together to maximise efficiency, is what it's all about!

I'm FINALLY comfortable with who I am and I accept my fun, energetic but direct attributes. I also know that when I worry, my S style has increased and that's a lovely quality - this S style has increased in recent years since becoming a coach - perhaps I needed to improve my listening skills, and I now have scientific proof that I'm succeeding.

My clients rave about their profiles and how it's made a huge difference to their lives at home and at work. It's a wonderful gift to offer sole traders and small business owners, as a coach. 96% accurate and it's scientifically proven.


I keep on track by using the Covey 4 quadrant Matrix and I'm very focused.

Seven Covey Matrix is my time management table of dreams!

I have my 'very urgent very important' (VU VI) and 'not urgent very important' (NU VI) priorities listed this week. These include - wrap some of the presents - buy presents before last post (VI VU), buy food for Christmas Day (VI NU), transfer all direct debits to the new business account (VU VI) and link up CRM and accountancy software / re-brand all invoices (VI NU), prepare to coach x number of clients this week (VU VI) - although prepared last week when it was VI NU, complete the strategy for a marketing plan for our new National book, secure 2 meetings for Relish Publications this week (my publishing business), daily physio to repair knee so that I can run again, being a good mum to my 3 kids....I'm sure your list mirrors many of mine and usually our tasks are not, all urgent and very important, but at this time of year our lists tends to be in this highly stressful quadrant!

Writing this post is in the 'very important NOT urgent quadrant', but I'm excited to spontaneously write it. I'm in the FLOW. It's great to be reaching out to you to share my love of DiSC profiling and business coaching.

Have a wonderful Christmas. Align your values with who you really are and embrace it. If you'd like to know more about DiSC profiling for yourself, couples, teams and students do drop me a line and we can arrange to speak or email - this of course depends on your preferred form of communication!


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