A Post Summer Tonic

With daisy long legs doing the Lambada around the light fittings and spiders as big as Cheryl Cole's eyelashes battling it out with the plug hole, are you greeting the new season with a hopeful heart?

Did Summer work its magic; all sun-kissed noses, salad-hones limbs and renewed energy?

Nah, me neither. In fact I get a sort of weird holiday head syndrome each year where great plans to get fitter, read more and do all the creating and developing of great ideas for my businesses, I imagine only come by sitting surfside in style, are dashed by the waves of seasonal inertia.

It's like the opposite of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) that people suffer with during the bleak mid-winter. But something instead I call CLOD - Creative Loafing Overdrive Decline - where I find myself seeking the solace of sun loungers, and once prone am only fit to make the agonizing choice between a good book or staring into the mid-distance dribbling.

If only a glass of white wine didn't seem like the only cure.

If you are struggling to commit to that summer diet, get your business going or generate enough enthusiasm to put the cat out at night, remember you are not alone. The wind will change; the big brown spiders are already in the garden and with it will come a breeze of fresh energy and new beginnings.


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