Give Yourself a Good Talking To

What’s your brain getting up to right now? Is it making endless to-do lists, worrying about what other folk are thinking or doing a guilt trip to miseryville? Maybe you’ve got a Butterfly Brain? So little time, so many choices you flit and land on ideas like Darcy Bussell with chilblains.

What about Mutley Brain? Just like the muttering cartoon dog you go over old arguments, injustices, sleights and disagreements on a continuous loop in your head. It keeps you awake at night; gnawing the pillow, spitting feathers and getting your PJ’s in a twist. Was that you chuntering to yourself on the bus yesterday?

We’ve all done Ostrich Thinking (see Bank Statements/ tax bills, cold calling) and the Lemming brain often throws you over the edge of debt when that “oh blow it moment” pops up when confronted with new handbag/lipstick or extra glass of vino. Sometimes we need to give ourselves a good talking to. Because that reptile, rabbit or monkey brain sometimes sends us muddled messages which neither support or nurture us.

Catching yourself morphing into animal thinking is the first step in being self-aware which means you have a choice to turn a destructive dialogue into something safer and less self-sabotaging.

Here are a few self-coaching tips to help you talk down the menagerie of meaningless fears and turn them into mantras of new beginnings.

“I take on too much” to “I set healthy boundaries for myself and others. Approval doesn’t equal love”

“I put off things I can’t face doing” to “I will commit to starting the task and rewarding myself afterwards. I can do this and I will”

“It’s easy for everyone else” to “Who I am is more than enough and I am doing my best in my way”

“Too many choices and I don’t want to made a bad one” to “I take responsibility for my decisions and commit fully to what I choose”

“Why does everything always have to be a struggle?” to “I aim for effortless ease by finding ways to let go of pain, blame and resignation”

“I’m not good enough” to “I am more than enough right now”


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