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Right now more than ever many business owners and teams in SME's find themselves working from home where their personal and professional lives have become convoluted. I help to clarify your maximum impact goals using relevant tools based upon your communication style. I unlock strengths and areas for improvement. I uncover styles to provide you with a deeper insight into communication styles of others in your business.

I'm individualistic, empathetic, creative and goals driven with boundless energy to share. I give my energy and business wisdom on a 1:1 basis either on zoom or as a 'walk and talk' session, sprinkled with group online sessions as and when required. I will of course meet face to face subject to geography and restrictions (in the current climate)

Are you stuck, overwhelmed or feel as though you're driving through a fog with little or no direction? 

Would like to understand why you communicate in the way that you do and how to communicate more effectively with your teams, family and partners? 



My clients say I give them energy, clarity, focus and transformation, both personally and professionally and my reason for being here is to do just that! 

What happens if you do nothing about the thing that really bothers you deep down? 

Who will you be in 5 years time if you continue to do what you do right now?

How will you know when everything is as you want it to be?

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