Targeted Support Programme (TSP) 

Alison was fortunate to be invited to design and deliver a programme for the North East Regional Partnership to gifted and talented students who, through no fault of their own, many are disadvantaged because of where they live, social deprivation, negative attitudes towards education and difficult living circumstances.  The programme was designed to raise aspirations based on research suggesting that many of the students that come from these backgrounds are likely to have submerged talents some of which has been identified but others still to emerge.  The programme was an opportunity to raise their aspirations giving them hope and belief in themselves and their abilities.  From my experience I was able to guide the design process to include sessions for teachers and parents of the young children as I have always felt that unless we change the support network of the young person it will be harder for them to continue to develop their own positive beliefs.  Programmes for parents included information on the impact of generations and conditioning and the programmes to the teachers included information on shared values and experiences of Generations Y and Z and how these differ from previous generations.  We designed a number of short sessions based on a range of subject areas designed to raise the aspirations of young people. Accelerator Coaching is passionate about this area of the business aligned with health and mental wellbeing. We are working in alignment with our core beliefs and values.


Key-Note Speech 

Following delivery of the TSP programme Alison was asked to give a keynote speech at an Education Event to 200 teachers.  She was very proud to talk about my experiences of growing up in Northumberland and how my parents had impacted on my beliefs.  She challenged the audience of teachers to identify their own impacts of their environments to demonstrate how we all play a huge part in the makeup of the young people we interact with.  Through this knowledge teachers can understand how they can better support young people to be able to grab opportunities and achieve their full potential.  

Following the delivery of the Business Northumberland Programme Teresa was invited to share her inspiring story to motivate 150 businesses. She used coaching techniques and NLP to demonstrate that anything is possible and that we should all set out of our comfort zones.

We love presenting and we are dedicated to improving the lives and business of each and every one of you.


Award-winning research and development programme (The Butterfly Programme) 

Following research in to the barriers of women in Northumberland coupled with an understanding of the impact of generations Alison designed a programme to challenge existing negative conditioning to help individuals break the cycle of achieving less than their potential.  The programme went on to be awarded the Northumberland Business Award for Training 2008 for its innovation.   

The programme has been delivered to many audiences over the years with different aims including: young parents at Sure Starts, Northumbria Police, communities, and local authorities. We are reenergising the Butterfly Programme in 2020 with some new retreats and workshops. See our social media and events pages to find out more...

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